Refined Mountaineering

Our philosophy: "Maximum safety for you, minimum impact on nature”, origins from true experiences in the Scandinavian mountains. Every piece of Klättermusen mountaineering equipment is created with functionality in mind, in order to fulfill the needs of true adventurers, while at the same time minimize the ecological footprint.

The Art of Mountaineering

At Klättermusen, refinement is key and something that is happening continuously. Every material, fabric, and detail in all pieces of Klättermusen equipment is carefully crafted, tested and refined in an ongoing process. This is how we have managed to create the world's most refined mountaineering equipment since 1975.

Our History

Klättermusen was born out of the meeting between midcentury inventive mountaineering culture and the growing ecological consciousness of the 70's. Klättermusen's history is not only about the brand itself, but a global commitment to sustainability. Klättermusen is the lifestyle of conscious mountaineers.

Self-reliance, durability and continuous improvements come naturally as a core and will always guide Klättermusen’s equipment making, pushing boundaries of what is thought impossible.


Global presence with local foundation – enabling worldwide exploration without compromising knowledge and know-how.