Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking

Hiking and moving fast is one of our top activities during summer. Here we have listed some of our favorite products that are ideal for the trails.

Explore our favorite products this summer, made for hiking and moving fast.

Lightweight Hiking

During warmer days when you want that full cover but still staying cool, our lightweight segment is perfect. Breathable pieces such as Syn Shirt and Alfhild Pants combined with Narfi Tee offer both breathability and moisture-wicking effect when needed.


Warm Hiking

On the warm days to come we want to let the legs feel some sunrays in comfortable and functional shorts. Quick drying Vanadis 3.0 Shorts, Groa Tank Top, and Nal Jacket are both breathable and quick-drying. Perfect if you want to take a swim mid hike.


Rugged Hiking

The summer does not only offer warm and sunny days, sometimes you want a bit more rugged equipment for rougher conditions. Gere 3.0 are ideal to match with a Fafne Tee, Garm Shirt and Bestla Jacket. With the light insulation offered together with durable fabrics, any trails are an easy match.


Fast Paced Trekking

Not hiking and not running, fast paced trekking is the exciting high intense activity right in between. Bele Shorts, Sif Jacket and Groa Tee are perfect companions for your fast paced adventures this summer.


From City to Trails

We love equipment that seamlessly let you transition from the city to the trails, so you don’t need to plan ahead. Put on the Skjold Shorts and a Torre Tee, complement with Helheim Shirt and a Vanadis 2.0 Jacket and you are ready when the trails call for you.

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