Made to Last

A social experiment and expedition that explores the science of making memories.

Memories Made to Last

In 2020, Klättermusen teamed up with neuroscientist Helena Backlund Wasling to discern the key factors in creating long-lasting memories. They identified three important stimuli: a life-changing experience, a moment that ignites a fire for a new passion, or an event that inspires a change in perspective. These are the moments that change us deeply and stay in our memory forever.
To put this theory to the test, we planned a demanding expedition, designed to challenge and inspire its participants, and subsequently, create memories ‘Made To Last’. We then assembled a group of five brave individuals with one shared trait - a complete lack of trekking and hiking experience.


Did we succeed in creating memories ‘Made to Last’?
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Meet the Expedition Crew

Sacha Jean-Baptiste

Sacha is a choreographer, dancer and show-producer. She has since 2011 created many of the great scene shows in the Eurovision Song Contest and since 2018 is a show-producer for the intros as well. She is interested in training and fitness.

Constantino Nanga

Constantino a.k.a. Costas is a professional boxer with many national and international medals under his belt. He used to be an active Thai boxer, but since a year ago he has been focusing on traditional boxing and before the pandemic was to be a part of the Swedish Olympic team. Costas runs an organization called ‘Ner med vapnet’.

Mahmut Suvakci

Mahmut is an entrepreneur, chef, and an actor. He runs several restaurants in Stockholm such as Falloumi, Cok! and Lilys Burger. Mahmut is genuine, warm and very passionate about food.

Sandra Johansson

Sandra is passionate about nature and everything that takes her into it, spends much of her time in her rebuilt minibus, is part of the Swedish surfing national team.

Johan T Karlsson

Karlsson grew up in Hässelholm, Skåne (the same town as fellow electronica producers Andreas Tilliander and Stefan Thor (Folie), but is currently based in Malmö. Johan produces Indie Techno music: “I’m pretty fed up with guitar - Indie and techno can get a bit monotone after a while.”

Helena Backlund Wasling

Helena Backlund Wasling is a neuroscientist, author and lecturer with a specialized focus on the human brain, the neural and psychological mechanisms for touch and social interactions. She is an award-winning popular science presenter and a much appreciated lecturer.

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