Duracoat™ is a unique proprietary surface treatment that Klättermusen has developed to improve durability in high-abrasion areas. It is a coating that is applied to particularly vulnerable places such as the shoulders or elbows, increasing wear resistance by up to five times.

Duracoat™ is a surface treatment, meaning that no extra seams or layers of fabric are added, while keeping it very flexible. Durability is improved without increasing the weight of the garment or weakening the fabric with seams. The cut and construction is kept intact as Duracoat™ doesn’t distort the shape or impede movement in any way, making it ideal for the agility required by mountaineers.

Duracoat™ has become a symbol of both the scientific know-how and innovative thinking of the Klättermusen tradition.

Show selected equipment with Duracoat™

Selected equipment with Duracoat™

Klättermusen Allgrön 2.0 shell jacket in red color with hood.
  • Dark Russet
  • Black
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Dark Blue Sapphire
  • Dusty Yellow
  • Meadow Green
  • Moon
  • Raven

Allgrön 2.0

Men's Cutan® Jacket


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Misty 2.0
  • Black
  • Cedar Green
  • Dark Blueberry
  • Flint Grey
  • Granit Grey
  • Midnight Blue
  • Stone Blue

Misty 2.0

Trekking Pants


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