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EtaProof® is a highly technical weave made using organic cotton. Cotton is quiet in use, ages very well with a nice patina like denim, and most importantly for outdoor use it’s a material permissive to air and moisture. By selecting particular long fibers woven densely, a very dynamic and adaptable fabric is obtained.

EtaProof® offers good natural wind resistance but is also a dynamic and adaptive fabric as the fibers swell when exposed to moisture and seal the fabric. EtaProof® offers a fair amount of water resistance in combination with the DWR making this a very advanced and flexible material. If you expect heavy rain, bring along something completely waterproof.

The dense weave has additional benefits like increased durability and resistance to abrasion, and is attractive for mountaineering in cold temperatures as good ventilation is retained in dry winter air. EtaProof® is complimented by a lighter weave called EtaDry®.

Show selected equipment with EtaProof

Selected equipment with EtaProof