Re:down® is a company that produces filling materials, using 100 percent recycled feathers extracted from post-consumer goods. Re:down® have set their mind on using the most environmental friendly methods to regenerate down and feathers. They use their own thermal water for the washing process, and no fresh water. This water goes through a water recycling system, and is then sent back to earth, clean as drinking water. No chemicals are used, only soap during the washing. The down is sterilized using only high heat, and for their water-resistant finish, they use an ecological, FC-free formula. Also, broken feathers and down fibers are up-cycled into a very efficient organic fertilizer. Today, the factory uses 30 percent solar panel electricity, but they aim to reach 70 percent in the upcoming years.

The result is high quality, recycled down, with a fill power of up to 90/10 - 700. At Klättermusen, we have chosen to use only their top-quality selection.

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Selected equipment with Re:down®

  • Purple Stone-Raven
  • Burnt Russet
  • Monkshood Blue
  • Moon
  • Raven


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