Exploring Ähpár Mountain Range

Klättermusen 2020 Sarek Expedition.

Whistling Winds and Pure Beauty

The Ähpár Mountain Range is located in the south of Sarek National Park, in northern Sweden. A completely circular mountain range, known for its beauty and whistling hard winds.

To get here, our crew of Mountain Guides and Mountaineering Professionals started out in Saltoluokta and headed towards Rinim, on the border of the Sarek National Park, by snowmobile. From there, skis and pulks were their only means of transportation. 

The wind forecast for the expedition was up to 27 meters per second in some places. But the crew decided to move forward, despite this.


The winds eventually slowed down, and after reaching the summit, the group went down on skis towards Bastevagge, through a narrow, powder-filled corridor.

Malva Björkman is a Nordic Mountain Guide.

"I grow every time I go outside"

One of the Mountaineering Professionals who participated in the Sarek Expedition is Malva Björkman.

Malva has lived in Kiruna in the north of Sweden for several years and has worked as a ski instructor and Nordic mountain guide since.

"To know that I have great equipment in my backpack and on my body makes me want to go and explore more", says Malva.

Malva Björkman is a Nordic Mountain Guide.

On the way to Bastevagge, the group ran into Åke, a retired doctor from Gällivare.

"It's rare to run into people in this part of Sarek National Park, but on our way back we met Åke, who had been out with skis and pulk for ten days by himself in Sarek, something he apparently does every year", says Mountain Guide Tovo Spiral.

Åke was wearing a pair of old Freke Salopettes and a Brede Jacket, and a version of the Mysse Explorer's Cap from 1992 - equipment that has been frequently used and loved, that has lasted until this day - and that will last for years ahead.

Åke goes on a solo ski tour for ten days every year.