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Minimum impact on nature
Klättermusen est. 1975


At Klättermusen we have worked actively to minimize the environmental impact of our actions since we built our first pieces of equipment in 1975. By approaching equipment durability from a lifecycle point of view we make sure that the lifetime of our products is optimized. Our philosophy on how to reduce environmental impact today is the same as it was in 1975: repair equipment until it falls apart and to continually strive to improve constructions.

We source post-consumer waste, explore how raw materials can be reused, pioneer new production processes, and continuously improve the usability of our equipment. The result is supremely durable climbing equipment crafted to the highest standards of professional mountaineering.

Built for exceptional functionality in the field and featuring smart details for easy equipment maintenance, Klättermusen’s products withstand repeated use in the toughest conditions on earth and still last a lifetime.

Our constant goal is to make the most durable and long-lived equipment imaginable. This hands-on approach has resulted in the development of proprietary materials and techniques to create sustainable high-performance fabrics. We switched to 100% organic cotton in 2006, introduced nylon from recycled fishing nets in 2009 in all backpacks, started our recycling system in 2009 and became the first outdoor brand in history to achieve a 100% fluorocarbon-free collection in September 2017.

By always striving to make better and more sustainable products we believe we make it easier for both our consumers and suppliers to act responsibly towards nature, humanity and other species.