The world's most refined mountaineering equipment
Klättermusen est. 1975

Our Story

Klättermusen is a maker of refined mountaineering equipment. Established in 1975 to combine utility and extreme durability in environmentally considerate designs and materials, Klättermusen supports outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather and unpredictable situations.

Klättermusen was founded by a tightly-knit band of local climbers in the scenic mountain village Åre in 1975. Initiated as a small DIY workshop for assembling parts and constructing tailored technical solutions to challenges encountered on the hill, Klättermusen grew into a business supplying outdoor enthusiasts with high-performance equipment in the 1980s. The pioneering spirit that originally spurred Klättermusen into existence remains at the heart of the company.

From frozen Arctic mountains to deep primeval forests, Klättermusen’s pioneering innovations are providing climbers, hikers, and mountaineers all over the world with maximum safety and comfort. Our products help you go further, push harder and keep exploring.

Rigorously tested in real-world conditions and constructed to last, Klättermusen’s products embody our commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment possible.