Lenny Enkhbold

Lenny grew up herding cattle and sheep in the Steppes of Mongolia on horseback with his grandfather. Spending time in nature, at that point, was never really something he considered as recreation. It was simply a way of life. 

While pursuing a degree in computer science in America, he realized that the more time he spent outdoors, the better he felt. He worked for his college Outing Club as a trip leader and equipment manager for all four years. He loved leading any trip under the sun - hang-gliding, slacklining, backpacking, kayaking, caving, climbing, and, of course, horseback riding. His true inspiration has been trying to instil a passion for the outdoors to the members of his community. 

A part of instilling passion for the outdoors, he says, includes preserving our natural environment for the generations yet to come. As the saying goes, we were not given this land from our parents, we are merely borrowing it from our children.