The ski mountaineering essentials

Introducing gear for slopes and the backcountry.

Vertical winter missions

Our all-new ski mountaineering equipment is made to safely take you up the mountain, with your skis or snowboard securely attached to your back, and to take you down with joy.

Find the optimal ski mountaineering gear for your next vertical winter mission.

Lodur & Jolner

3L Cutan® Ski Mountaineering Jacket and Anorak

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A ski mountaineering jacket and anorak, made from 3L Cutan®, designed for free movement and flexibility. Lodur and Jolner have good ventilation, while still durable enough to withstand snow and ice.

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Vale is a 2-layer softshell jacket for ski mountaineering, made to function perfectly with a technical shell jacket. The recycled polyamide Levitend® fabric makes this hoodie highly breathable and quick drying, while it keeps you warm without disturbing the properties of your shell jacket.

Vidar & Draupner

Lightweight ski expedition set.

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Vidar & Draupner is a lightweight expedition set made from waterproof and windproof 3-Layer Cutan®. Made for Alpine style climbing, but is just as good for ski mountaineering.


Flexible Cutan® Pants.

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Andvare Pants are a 3-season, all weather pant perfect for ski mountaineering and other activities that require flexibility. The main material made from 3-layer Cutan® makes the Andvare Pants both wind and waterproof.

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Huge is a fast and light mid or base layer for ski mountaineering and climbing. The Wuru® material is based on a simple but very effective technique which makes it extremely fast drying.

Fafne is a perfect first layer when skiing or climbing. Made from Tencel, wool and elastane, this base layer will keep its shape through wear and tear.