Men's New Arrivals

Atle 2.0 Jacket
Brage Pants
Brage Jacket
Dvalin Pants

Women's New Arrivals

Allgrön Jacket
Brage Pants
Liv 2.0 Sweater
Heidrun 2.0 Shorts

Everything changes, everything stays the same.

Since our unassuming beginnings, at Klättermusen we have employed first-hand knowledge and experience, using a refined and unrivalled understanding of the terrain and climate in which our gear must perform.

After a prolonged period of soul-searching and examination, we are now emerging with a new face of Klättermusen. Our values and constant search for insights remain, but we start a big new chapter in our history. We have redesigned our identity once more for the 30 years ahead of us.

Everything we do starts and ends with our products, so of course our search for a new visual identity could be no different.