During the first 30 years of Klättermusen, we have seen the planet change right before our eyes. The winters have become shorter, the fish fewer and the weather more unpredictable. As outdoor people in northern Sweden surrounded by forests, streams and mountains, the signs we see in nature are unfiltered and first-hand. And with these observations comes a responsibility to do something about it.

Klättermusen has pioneered the use of recycled and organic fabrics in the outdoor industry to date and we will continue to make waves in the industry by daring to make different choices. We see ourselves as forerunners with the power to inspire others to think differently and adopt a more sustainable way of doing business.

In the end it’s about taking care of the collective home that we call earth and being able to enjoy her rainy and sunny days for generations to come. We have divided our collective way of thinking into seven points, each demonstrating how we work to become a more responsible company.

  1. Create responsibly by making better choices
  2. Repair until it falls apart
  3. Always be transparent about the business
  4. Keep transports short and responsible
  5. Be good, both locally and globally
  6. Dare to make mistakes
  7. You have the power to start the change
We still have miles to walk before we can call ourselves a sustainable company – if we will ever be able to. But every step in the right direction has an impact, even if we are a tiny company. Some of the steps taken so far are:

  • Moved away from PTFE waterproof/breathable membranes in 2000
  • Switched to 100% organic cotton in 2006
  • Introduced nylon from recycled fishing nets in 2009 in all backpacks
  • Removed all PFOA (C8 fluorocarbons) in 2008
  • Will become 100% fluorocarbon-free in September 2017