When the days get shorter

Hiking season has only just begun.

Depending on how you see it, the season for hiking has only just begun. Go where your instincts take you and let the beauty of short days and rapid weather changes sweep you away.


The Icelandic scenery is just as dramatic as the weather, which requires well thought through packing with smart material choices.


“To pack for hiking on Iceland in the fall is difficult, considering the frequent extreme changes in weather. One moment there is sunshine and no wind and the next there is a snowstorm”, says climber and photographer Tor Johnsson.


Many go to Iceland to hike in the summer, when fall really is the time when you have nature all to yourself and the roads are blocked with snow – which makes transportation by foot the only option.


“I like challenging myself and my equipment in different situations. You always learn something about how you can improve things in the future”, says Tor.


With the ocean constantly present, and snowstorms coming in when you least expect it, the right clothes and the right packing systems are of great importance. Tor’s best tip is to always test out your equipment beforehand to ensure that you know how and if it works the way you want it to.


“When the weather changes quickly and unexpectedly, an easily accessible smaller bag, such as a Fimmafäng 3.0 with a packable rain jacket, a beanie and gloves, is a great complement to a backpack. This makes changing clothes a lot easier”.


Far away from people and traffic on Iceland’s south coast, a beautiful, yet challenging landscape arises. Preparations are key, as well as the equipment. The second key is allowing yourself to embrace the drama of nature’s power. Because when your toolbox is solid, so will your expedition most likely be.


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