Our History

During an Umeå Climbing Club caving trip to Jordbrugrotten in Norway one evening in 1982, our founder and his friends sat around the campfire and thought about good names for an outdoor clothing company. They dreamed of founding a brand which would excel in creating functional clothing and backpacks for extreme outdoor activities like climbing and winter expeditions.

The backdrop of Norway's largest water filled cave evidently provided an inspiring setting, and Klättermusen was born. Peter yearned for a brand which was serious about itself, but did not take itself seriously – indeed, the name Klättermusen was taken from a children's story. This was a conscious decision from Peter, whose contrary nature led him to reject the formulaic and predictable in favour of the unexpected. This is a thread which continued to run through the personality of the brand, for better or worse.

Soon after, while on paternity leave following the birth of his first son, Peter had time to reflect on where to take his life. Having studied plant physiology at the College of Forestry in Umeå, Peter's biology background was married to his passion for adventure and he began to search for better solutions to design problems in outdoor clothing. Drawing on his education in advanced biology and chemistry, he began applying lessons learned from nature to the clothing he designed. Observing how plants processed moisture enabled Peter to translate similarities into new fabrics and constructions.

Klättermusen has always been an example of form following function. Peter's ongoing outdoor pursuits kept him in constant conflict with the elements, so he knew better than most what was needed to gain an edge in that battle. Having climbed two of the 'big three' in Europe, seen a close friend perish while climbing and been stuck in an underground cave for many hours, Peter has all the experience required to know what is needed and what is not. If it's not needed, he simply wouldn't make it. Everything Klättermusen does is with a specific purpose in mind.

Initially, Peter's desire was to build a brand which would gain respect as an innovator in function and design. Yet the technical specifics were never the full picture, as evidenced in the story of the Klättermusen name. He wanted to reflect the playful spirit of outdoor adventure and take the brand off-piste, away from conventional practice.

While regular brands seek to talk up their product in every possible way, we believe honesty has always been the best policy. It's a company which allows the product to speak for itself, maybe too quietly sometimes.

And yet, we are proud of a lot of things. We were the first in Sweden to use 3-layer membranes, lightweight down jackets and many other innovations, some of which took a while to become successful. Klättermusen was sometimes so far ahead we needed to wait until the rest of the world caught up.

While technology, progress and fun are at the forefront of our DNA, sustainability is also a strong focal point. There's a firm belief in caring for the planet. Since 2009 all our used products are eligible for a store credit of between 1 and 20 euros, which encourages the original owner to think of the planet while it also gives each Klättermusen product an afterlife it perhaps wouldn't have otherwise had.

We see ourselves as curious minds and inventors, who dare to go our own way. Problem solving remains at the heart of the company, and we look forward to what the next thirty years of our history will bring. Be prepared.