If you spend a whole day or longer in the mountains, you need to stay dry and warm, even in the sweatiest of situations. Otherwise you will easily become cold and damp. Look for fast drying fabrics that include polyester, polyester blends or wool. Merino Wool is best for colder conditions with it’s warm and comfortable features. The wool also helps to absorbs and transport the moisture without the feeling of being wet.

Mid layer insulation is essential to provide excellent warmth underneath a shell garment when temperatures drop or to throw on when resting to keep in the heat. Both lightweight and compact, the insulation mid layer is a basic addition to your packing list. For down, remember to not store wet for too long as the feathers may lump together. Swap your mid layer insulation with a wool mid layer like the Balder zip during high pulse activities.

Shell protection is windproof, water-resistant and highly breathable. Created as an all-mountain outer garment dedicated to all conditions, while providing you with movability. Most shell protection keeps you dry by absorbing sweat from your lower layers to the outside of the garment.

Always pack essentials for camp so you have something dry to change into. They can also be used as extra mid-layers under your shell protection but are mostly to keep you warm and comfortable when you’re resting overnight in the camp.

An essential for any adventurer, to keep the more sensitive parts of your head warm and protected from the elements. Easy to fold and put in any jacket pocket when not in use, which means you can always bring along on any outdoor trip.

Waterproof protection is lightweight, easy to pack and used when a sudden rainstorm hits. When you need that added protection from sudden bad weather, waterproof protection is essential for any explorer. We constructed them without zippers and easy adjustments to make sure they’re easy to pack and wear.