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Unsurpassed organic insulation

Down is a fantastic material, light, warm, soft and completely natural. No synthetic materials are yet able to fully match it when it comes to thermal performance relative to weight and compressibility.


Easy deployment in the field is crucial, and to this end we use the compressibility of down to make our down equipment easily packable and stowable. Most items pack into their own inner pocket to avoid extra parts that easily get lost. The time spent compressing the equipment is rewarded by always having a thermal item within easy reach when you need it the most.


Our down equipment is constructed to act as a natural part of our systems, rather than being treated as blankets with zippers. The instantly recognizable shoulder yoke offers protection from precipitation and the wear of shoulder straps, while the neck opening is slanted to easily integrate with both inner and outer layers.


Down is sensitive to humidity, both internal and external, which impact the thermal performance so its very important to us that our down integrates well with the rest of your equipment.

Tear strength is important, and we’ve made the outer fabrics as durable as possible without adding unnecessary weight. Enough tear strength to be used as outer layers, but in order to keep the weight down a shell should always be used in challenging and abrasive conditions to protect the outer layer.


Box construction is a key element to make sure that ventilation is fully under your control. By avoiding penetrating seams, air is prevented from moving through the stitching holes. A side effect is the elimination of cold spots.


We only use RDS down which ensures that our down comes from animals who are treated well and no exploitative practices.


We pride ourselves on equipment that offers durability and very long-life spans. The down needs to be cared for and maintained. Down is light and soft but sensitive. The integrated packing solutions should not be used for long-term storage, as down will loose its unique shape and ability to trap heat when compressed for long periods of time.