Independent Exploration

Bring what you need for a multi-day trip and stay organized with an expedition sized backpack.

Tor 80L
Expedition Backpack

Expedition backpacks will fit as much as you can carry, and then some. Made for longer durations, our expedition backpacks are adapted for more than being carried on your back. Integrated D-rings on the hip belt are positioned for pulling a sled in the winter time, and Tor offers a detachable top lid which serves as a daypack.

Expedition backpacks serve as a base around which you can configure a larger system of packing when needed. If you go with a smaller volume, a side pocket strapped to the outside is perfectly sized for sleeping pads as well as other accessories.

Expedition backpacks, while highly technical to meet the needs of seasoned explorers, are still easy to use whenever a very roomy backpack is required. A family sized tent with all accessories is simple to stow into the 100L Tor for easy transport.

Strain relief has been integrated to our backpacks for many years, and Klättermusen has developed proprietary systems for a better experience. Key for carrying easier and increasing your endurance is transferring the load to the skeleton in an efficient manner, which our Butterfly Bridge does efficiently.

The benefit of load transfer is twofold. By carrying directly on your skeleton, you can simply lift more with better endurance. On the other end, the strain placed by regular systems on the muscles and ligaments is relieved letting blood pass freely through your muscles keeping you both free from pain and more alert.

The Isfall glacier

Butterfly Bridge
Grip 60L
Trekking Backpack