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An expedition through time

A timeless place breeds its own classics.

Shell jackets and pants are in essence protective equipment. The protection required or desired will always be a trade-off between how much the equipment impacts your mission or ability to function, and the dangers you face.


Brede jacket and Freke salopette were not so much developed, as grown from decades of iterative attempts to resolve this issue in a specific environment. Brede and Freke draw on a rich heritage of mountaineering equipment from Scandinavia, created by people who not only visited the outdoors but lived and were deeply embedded in nature. Largely self-reliant, these are shells that not only protect them from the weather, but utilitarian equipment that needs to withstand rough everyday treatment, abrasive surfaces and sharp edges.


The key to understanding Brede and Freke, and their enduring success, is to keep the utilitarian aspect in mind. These are heavy shells, but unrivalled when it comes to durability, functionality and longevity. Not meant for speedy ascents, but to keep you safe in any conditions in the outdoors. Professionals who have their workplace outdoors have relied on this combination for many years, and the dog patrol Sirius on Greenland is the most famous example.


Freke and Brede are a combination that have been with us for almost fifteen years in their current versions. As ideas they build on equipment that goes back over 30 years. Which is why we take such pride in being able to present this workhorse combination in a new generation.

Freke 2.0 and Brede 2.0 retain the legendary performance of their predecessors while radically lowering the weight of both items. The lowered weight is a boon to the professionals who rely on Brede and Freke, and also extends their use to more scenarios where the bulk of the older generation could get in the way. By being lighter and more flexible, we’re also making the benefits of Brede and Freke accessible to a larger audience.


Brede and Freke are our most advanced pieces of equipment. They form an incredibly versatile shell combination with plenty of details to meet any demand put on them. They are incredibly robust and will stand up to extended periods of use in the most challenging environments. Created primarily for safety and comfort they are as close to a mountaineer’s well-honed tool as you can come.