The Klättermusen Backpack Guide

Experience, Technical Innovation and Sustainable Solutions - combined to meet the varied needs of mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts.

A system - Comprehensive and built around the practical needs of mountaineers. Chief among those is the requirement to be able to use the same equipment for different types of missions.


Our packs and bags come both in forms of highly tailored for specific types of outdoor experiences, and more versatile use - We ensure that different parts of our system can be interchanged and reconfigured as needed.

A Philosophy

Versatility in the field. We expect our configuration to change at a moment’s notice along the way. Shift the center of gravity as you make a precarious ascent or add additional items when someone sprains an ankle. Whatever the reason we make it as easy as possible to adapt to changing conditions as they arise.

Adaptable & Customizable for your own needs

A rich system of connectors offers a wide range of options for configuring adapting your packs for your needs and changing mission profiles.

Let accessories be your core item

Packs and bags that can be fitted with accessories, but also serve as accessories themselves - all depending on how you choose to configure your packing.

Field Use
Reconfigure as you go

Our solutions make it easy to change your packing along the way - when you need it, not when it’s planned or convenient.

Technical Innovation and Solutions

Integrated systems with solutions optimized for real-world flexibility. Our connectors are created for maximum flexibility and reliability to ensure that they are usable in the field under the worst possible conditions.

Multi-Day Backpacks

Whether you’re planning a week-long trek or are the designated carrier of the group, we create backpacks that are able to handle both large volumes and heavyweight when required.

Built from the ground up, our packs are designed to transfer the load onto your bones as efficiently as possible, ensuring not only increased comfort but enhancing your endurance. The capacity can be expanded even further at a moment’s notice using the integrated loop webbing.

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Single Day Backpacks

Staying nimble and light on your feet is imperative when you’re out for the day, or just want to summit before returning to base camp. These backpacks can serve both as a lighter core pack or as an extension to your expedition load-out.

Switching from one profile to the other is near instantaneous by hooking up your tools using the cord loop webbing and toggles.

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Bring all the equipment you want by stuffing it into a duffel bag. With full length opening, almost anything can be made to fit inside.

The external handles and straps make sure that it’ll remain securely in place on a roof rack, across the back of a donkey as you ascend to base camp, or in the pulk as you navigate the white sea.

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From alpine mountaineering to summer treks, our accessories not only extend the abilities of your packs and backpacks, but keep up with all your interests and styles.

From one season to the next, accessories are the most flexible and the easiest way to pursue every passion you want to explore without slowing you down.

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Gear & Tote Bags

The outdoors experience is always right around the corner, and these bags are ready to go as soon as you are. Using the same cord loop webbing and elastic cords as our backpacks you can attach your accessories and tools to our bags.

Once you’ve grown used to the convenient format and size in your everyday day life, strap them to your backpack before you head out on a trek using the built-in toggles and loops. Simple, convenient and reliable.

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