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Service & Repairs

We have high requirements for the quality of our materials and manufacturing and strive to produce the best outdoor equipment on the market. Our aim is that you should feel secure, safe and satisfied. We take responsibility if there should be any defects or material faults in your Klättermusen product and offer a three year warranty on all of our products.

Please complete the Service form below and send it to service@klattermusen.se to submit your service or repair request. Please include relevant images as attachments.

Do not send any items directly to us without prior approval.

Repairs or exchanges during the warranty period

If you would like to make a warranty claim for material or manufacturing defects, please contact the retailer you purchased your product from. They will help you with an assessment and how to handle your claim. If you bought the product from our webshop, please fill out the form below. Unfortunately, we are unable to handle claims or exchanges of Klättermusen products purchased from a retailer.

Before you return a product to us, please complete the Service & Repair Form below . We will contact you directly once we review your submission. Photos of the issue are always helpful, so please include any you have. Once we receive your submission, we will review it and reply back to you on how to proceed. Please note that products need to be clean; please wash the product before mailing it to us.

After we receive your product, we will examine if it is a material or manufacturing defect or normal wear and tear. If it is a repair case, we will contact you with a suggested cost before we start work. We repair any damage due to wear and accidents at cost price at our repair shop.

Maintenance and repairs that are not covered by the warranty

We repair damage due to wear and accidents at cost of 500 SEK per hour (including VAT). If you wish to lengthen or shorten pants or jacket sleeves, contact us to see what we can do to help. Once we receive your submission, we will review it and reply back to you further instructions and a cost estimate before we start any repairs or adjustments of the product.

The product you are sending to us should be newly washed and include your communication with us. In some cases, repairs that are not covered by the warranty may take longer, as we always prioritize warranty cases. If you simply need a new buckle or other spare parts, use the form below and we'll send you one. Attach a photo of the damage and try to explain as thoroughly as you can. Don't forget to include your own address.