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Our goal is to provide you with tools and inspiration to live an active life outdoors. That's why we have created the Klättermusen Lunchtime Learning Sessions. Meet our mountaineering friends - they are mountain guides and professional climbers, whose goal is to inspire you to explore. Every week a new live session is held on the @klattermusen Instagram.

Next Lunchtime Learning Session, May 29nd, 2020:
Tovo Spiral, Mountain Guide, Sweden & Normay

Madagascar born; Tovo Spiral grew up in Grenoble but has been living in Sweden since 2008. He’s a French educated IFMGA Mountain guide and a member of the Swedish Mountain Guide Association. After working all over the world in countries like Canada, Japan, Morocco and Georgia, Tovo is now focusing on the northern parts of Sweden and Norway.

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Previous Sessions:

Johanna Davidsson, Adventurer, Trondheim, Norway
Lunchtime Learning Session, May 22nd, 2020

Johanna Davidsson is a Swedish adventurer, polar guide and nurse. She lives in Tromsø in northern Norway close to the mountains. Her passion is the arctic, skiing and climbing. She has been a product tester for Klättermusen since 2019.

Johanna is most known for her kite expedition in Greenland and solo expedition in Antarctica. 2016 she skied solo to the South Pole and became the fastest female to ski to the Pole. After her own expedition, she has been back and worked as a polar guide in Antarctica for three seasons.

Johanna was awarded the Adventure of the Year 2014 and 2016. She’s a public speaker and published her book ”SoloSister".


Erlend Øian, Mountain Guide, Lofoten, Norway
Lunchtime Learning Session May 15th, 2020

Erlend Øian is a nature guide from Norway, currently located in Svalbard. He’s enjoying the amazing landscapes kayaking, trekking and glacier hiking while attending a mountaineering and backcountry skiing training in order to become a fully certified mountain guide.


Stefan Kuhnert, Mountain Guide, Germany
Lunchtime Learning Session May 8th, 2020

Stefan Kuhnert is a UIAGM Mountain Guide from Germany with 37 years of climbing experience. Stefan is a nutritional specialist and a true outdoor enthusiast with a passion for climbing, skiing, paddling, cycling, and more.

Iaroslav Vladimirovich Nikotin, Mountain Guide, Kyrgyz Republic
Lunchtime Learning Session April 30th, 2020

Iaroslav Vladimirovich Nikotin, also known as Yar, is a professional IFMGA guide from the Kyrgyz republic. At the age of 13, Yar joined a school trekking club in Bishkek, and that's when his interest in mountaineering started. In university, he joined a club for mountaineers, which was when he realized that he had found his life's calling. In 2013 he finished the Kyrgyz Mountain Guide School and later became a full member of the IFMGA in 2017.

In the summertime, Yar mostly guides alpine routes in Ala-Archa or high altitude mountaineering on Lenin peak or Elbrus. While the wintertime mostly consists of guided ski tours in Suusamyr Valley, Arslanbob, and around Karakol.

Other trips and expeditions have included the western Carpathians in Romania, ice climbing in Ala-Archa national park, Ala-Archa, and Anatolian frozen waterfalls in Eastern Turkey.

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Ilia Berulava, Mountain Guide, Georgia
Lunchtime Learning Session April 24th, 2020

Ilia Berulava is an IFMGA Mountain Guide who was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Early on he decided to dedicate himself to his great passion: the mountains, and making it his profession. Ilia has been mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing since childhood. He has been an Alpine Club instructor since 2010 and a mountain guide trainer of Georgian mountain guide Association since 2016.

Today Ilia is a full-time mountain guide and professional mountain climber. He did his first IFMGA training in Chamonix ENSA through the East European Mountain Guide training program. In addition to this he is the founder of Georgian Guide Office and board member of Georgian Mountain Guide association, United Federation of Georgian mountaineers, East European Mountain Guides Association.

Ilia has climbed the great classics of the Caucasus Mountains where he opened new beautiful routes. He has also climbed many beautiful mountains of central alps. Ilia’spassion is the very high altitude mountains – he has organized and been part of expeditions in the Himalayas and central Asia.


Adam George, Mountain Guide, Verbier, Switzerland
Lunchtime Learning Session April 17th, 2020

Adam grew up in New Hampshire and discovered his love for the outdoors in the White Mountains. He began climbing at the age of 15 and has devoted his life to this passion ever since. In fact, upon graduating high school, he made his first ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite at the age of 18.

Some of his trips include expeditions to: Alaska, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Greece, extensive climbing in the Alps and in North America. Adam is well versed in all disciplines of the sport having done one-day ascents of big-walls in Yosemite, test-piece Canadian ice climbs, many classic alpine routes in the Alps and difficult free routes.


Pierre Olsson, Professional Climber, Åre, Sweden
Lunchtime Learning Session April 10th, 2020

Pierre Olsson lives in Åre, Sweden, and has been a product tester and ambassador för Klättermusen for 15 years and started climbing in the mid 80's. His climbing passion mainly revolves around Bid Wall Climbing - which means spending between 3 and 35 days on the wall.

Pierre has spent several years in Yosemite, US, where he has climbed the El Capitan 20 times. He has also made several expeditions in the Alps and Pakistan, as well as ice climbing and Alpine mountaineering in Norway. He also competes in cross-country skiing, for example in Nordenskiöldsloppet - a 220-kilometer race on skis.

In 2015 Pierre was awarded Adventurer of the Year.


Peter Jeromel, Mountain Guide, Slovenia
Lunchtime Learning Session April 3rd, 2020

Peter Jeromel has been an IFMGA mountain guide for 11 year. In addition to this, he is also a climbing coach for kids and has been an ambassador and product tester for Klättermusen for 4 years.

"What I love about working with Klattermusen the most is how I really have to explore each product which I get to test, to get to know every detail and material and use the item to its fullest in the mountains to give the best possible feedback to the development team."